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The price increase of various products has become an inevitable force

price incresing

What we want to tell you is that in addition to the exchange rate, raw materials and other factors, the most important factors which influence the price are international politics and finance.
(Due to COVID-19, many countries are constantly issuing currency, and trying to ease the economic crisis, it is long story……)

No one can wait to die and watch its resources plundered by other countries. If supplier don’t raise the price, factory will be lambs to be slaughtered. trust me, price increasing is an inevitable trend in the future, just a matter of more or less. As a cash drawer manufacturer, we also need adjust the price, if not, we can not survive……

The general market view: The current price is likely to be the lowest price for a long time in the future. Moreover, as long as the price goes up, it will be difficult to call back, because it is impossible to take back the money issued by many countries. In addition, the major shipping companies have also joint to raised prices recently, I hope you can make reasonable order & shipping plans.

It is a difficult time now, but opportunities and risks often coexist. Those who can persist will surely get rich rewards in the future.
we are willing to work with you to tide over the difficulties.

Winter comes, can spring be far behind?

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