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Cash Drawer Manufacturer

Firstly, We will be your best cash drawer supplier,Working with us, you will get one more metal product design team for you. We just do one thing at a time to do it well.  We specialize in making hardware products, cash drawer is our earliest main product exported, We are also able to accept customer demand for customized products, such as design and production of tablet stands, and cash boxes, etc.


Trusted Pos and Cash Drawer Supplier

Starting from 2020, in the post-epidemic era, in order to further meet the needs of old customers to reduce the total cost of imports, based on our understanding of the pos market and high quality standards, our products have been further expanded.

Originally, Our Team runs a local stamping factory (name as HLX), established in 2013. Since then, We engaged in ODM/OEM of various metal work. For example, plumbing hardware, microscope stands and metal frames required for car GPS navigation are parts of our product, We cooperate with many well-known brands. Meanwhile, The cash drawer has always been a very important part of our products. For example, We have been helping other cash drawer companies to design and produce cash drawer parts for many years.

Due to the particularity of the industry, our business scope is more in Xiamen and surrounding cities. In order to further improve, We decided to expand our overseas business. So Kustal Tech was established and HLX team integrated into KST.

New Kustal is an innovative technology company,  founded in Jan 2018 .  As the starting point of business, Firstly be as a professional cash drawer manufacturer, We dedicated to the design & manufacturing of a series of high-quality cash drawers. Since we have absorbed the advantages of our peers’ products, while avoiding disadvantages. Our product is with high quality standards and high cost performance, Now We are one of the representatives of high quality cash drawers made in china.

Since 2021, in the post epidemic era, and under the new market environment, We are one reliable OEM & ODM manufacturer of  kinds of metal and plastic works, In addition to the original local business and original products, the products produced and exported already include cash drawer, cash boxes, tablet holders, notebook holders, mounting brackets, shelf trays, etc,and also trading business with pos machine, pos monitor,handheld pos etc.


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kustal cash drawer factory area
kustal cash drawer factory area