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What are the differences between ordinary barcode scanner and industrial barcode scanner

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As well known, barcode scanners are a common type of barcode reading device, but most people’s understanding of barcode scanners is only superficial and cannot subdivide the differences between categories of barcode scanners. Barcode scanners are mainly divided into two categories: ordinary barcode scanners and industrial barcode scanners. What is the difference between them?

  • Different scanning performance      Ordinary barcode scanners are generally used in supermarkets, stores, etc. Go book a room. The scanned barcode is usually a common EAN-13 code. These barcodes are usually printed on the product. The quality of barcodes is relatively clear and easy to scan, so using a regular barcode scanner is sufficient. When it comes to industrial applications, the first thing that comes to mind is its enormous workload and high requirements for its application. Due to the complex and ever-changing industrial production environment, sometimes barcode scanning is carried out outdoors under strong light conditions, and sometimes long-distance barcode scanning is also carried out, resulting in a relatively fine barcode density. These factors make it difficult for ordinary barcode scanners to meet the special application requirements of barcode scanning in industrial environments. Therefore, industrial barcode scanners have emerged. Industrial barcode scanners generally scan small labels and DPM code metal engraving codes

  • Different scanning performance    

Due to the differences between industrial application environments and those in supermarkets and stores, it is likely that liquids will be splashed, subjected to impact and vibration, and there will be more dust in industrial environments. Therefore, the IP level of industrial barcode scanners will be higher, ensuring their stability and reliability. Compared with the application environment of supermarkets and stores, the requirements for barcode scanners are much smaller, so the IP level of ordinary barcode scanners will be lower

  • Different prices

Industrial barcode scanners are relatively expensive due to their ultra-high performance, impact resistance, dust-proof, waterproof and other advantages. Due to cost considerations, ordinary barcode scanners may sacrifice some industrial grade functions, so the price will be much lower than industrial grade barcode scanners.


wifi barcode scanner
wifi barcode scanner
  • Different hardware designs

The design of industrial barcode scanning guns focuses more on small labels (requiring high accuracy), reflective metal surface DPM codes (requiring good light sources), and sturdy appearance (due to harsh working environments). In short, it depends on the industrial site use.

Ordinary barcode scanners are mostly used in supermarket warehouses, with more consideration given to scanning paper barcodes. They are smaller in size and lighter in weight, and are not considered for use in harsh industrial environments. It is almost impossible to scan the DPM code on the reflective metal surface and the small barcode on the small label. In short, the selection of the scanning gun needs to be based on the usage environment.

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