What Is A Cash Drawer -China Top 5 POS Cash Drawer Manufacturer

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What Is A Cash Drawer -China Top 5 POS Cash Drawer Manufacturer

What Is A Cash Drawer -China Top 5 POS Cash Drawer Manufacturer

While credit card payments are popular, and the use of mobile payments is also gaining more acceptance, But, more than 75% small businesses still prefer to accept cash. Even in China, mobile payments are used very frequently in daily life, but cash transactions still dominates very important location, All business in China still use POS Cash Drawer. In the future although more payment options are available each year, banknote is still king. (Not afraid of running out of electricity, not afraid of lack of network, not afraid of information leakage)
If you’re one of the 75%, you’re going to need a durable cash drawer to operate efficiently.

What is a pos cash drawer?

Cash registers/POS machine include a drawer underneath called the cash drawer. Also called a cash till, it can only be opened with instruction from the cash register.
Ps: electronic cash drawer open by 12V or 24V DC pulse, from cash register or other voltage output device.
manual cash drawer open by pressing the button, or the front panel of the press cash drawer.

410mm 24V Cash Register Drawer
KST-410R Cash Register Drawer
Manual cash drawer Push OPEN
Manual cash drawer Push OPEN

The main components of the POS cash drawer.

One component that has remained constant is that a cash drawer is still a metal box that holds banknote. The design is similar, Whether it is Europe America, or the Asian market, China or overseas. it will be squre, outside with metal structure, for classic heavy duty cash drawer, inside with metal tray and plastic cash tray. for economical cash drawer, no metal tray, just has a all-in-one plastic insert(to hold banknote).

A cash drawer has distinct compartments for bills and coins. This is for easy counting. It also has a secret space underneath for things like larger bills and checks, you could insert the check to the media slots.

Most cash drawer will be with emergency switch, there are hole on the cash drawer bottom, with a lever inside. When the cash drawer is not running well and cannot be opened, use it, as long as the internal parts of the cash drawer are not damaged, the cash drawer can basically be opened.

As for the micro switch, this is an optional configuration unique to the electronic cash drawer, which is used to allow the cash register or pos machine to recognize the open state of the cash drawer.

About some accessories related to the POS cash drawer:

lockable lid: Used with the cash tray, the cash tray can be locked, which is convenient for business owners or cashiers to take out all the cash intact, and bring it to the counting house safely to count the cash.()

cash drawer with mounting bracket
cash drawer with mounting bracket

Mounting bracket: It allows the cash drawer to be installed under the desktop, making the desktop more clear.

lockable cover for cash drawer tray
lockable cover for cash drawer tray

Choice of POS cash drawer dimension.

There are many sizes of cash drawers, usually named by the width of the front.
Dimensions can be from 150mm wide to 460mm wide. special needs are not discussed,
Most of the cash drawers have a width of 300 to 460mm. According to the number of banknotes end user need,
Usually it is 4 banknotes or 5 banknotes, because the width of banknotes in different countries is different,
Therefore, in order to realize the availability of most countries, usually two sizes of cash drawers are the most popular. For example, to achieve the need to place 4B, usually the width of the cash drawer is 330mm or 350mm.
To achieve 5 banknotes, for China supplier,  most of us make the width of the cash drawer with 405 mm to 410 mm.

cash drawer with 4b5c
330mm cash drawer with 4b5c Heady Duty Slide Cash Drawer 5B5C

410mm cash drawer with 5b5c

Although there are many suppliers of cash drawers, the proportion of factories that actually produce cash drawers is very low. As a leading cash drawer manufacturer, kustal tech will be a reliable partner, and Kustal cash drawer will be one of your best choice.


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