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It is difficult for us to show you everything on one page. Frankly speaking, this is just a portal for you to find us. If you have any questions or look for any cash drawer service, POS related service, or need ODM OEM for metal product, we suggest that you contact us directly.

Sure, Black is the most commonly used, and white is also very popular.                                                                                                                                                    Other colors are also available, as long as you can tell us the exact color name.

The cash drawer is opened by a voltage pulse.
The magnitude of the pulse voltage is determined by the equipment connected to the cash drawer.
For example, if the output voltage of your POS printer is 24V, then 24V cash drawer is your best choice.
Ps: When you don’t know how to choose, usually 12V is installed by default. Special needs, cash drawer
Under special production, other voltage pulses can also make it work, such as 9V,

We are a professional cash drawer manufacturer,                                                                                                                                                                                              I trust most of your customization requirements can be met. Such as logo, packaging design, etc. 🙂

when the customer does not ask in advance, usually, the spring with large elasticity is used, which leads to the quick pop out of the cash drawer. At this time, the cash drawer is basically full open(or 90% open automatic), and It also takes more strength to close the cash drawer.

To solve this issue, you only need a pair of pliers to cut off a section of the large spring inside. Then you will find that the cash drawer can be closed with a lighter force. However, please note that at this time, the cash drawer will not be fully opened at the moment of opening in most of time.

Note: please do not cut too many springs at one time. you know It is impossible for spring to restore the original length when you cut it

As long as you clearly tell us your needs, we can meet your needs.
There are many choices, such as RJ11/RJ12/RS232/USB/DC etc.
Ps: In addition to the wire connection, we also have a Bluetooth connection.                                                                                                                                                We are one of the few companies in China who have a Bluetooth cash drawer patent.

Surely, besides cash drawers, we could also produce POS stand, Tablet Stand, cash boxes, and various metal products, providing customized/OEM/ODM. We have the ability to design, to develop, to production and other activities, we have an excellent team and a complete Design and production chain (own/cooperative)

We have selected a variety of desk POS, handheld pos, and pos monitor, for old customers to choose. We work directly with local manufacturers to provide competitive prices while ensuring quality. (At present, a considerable number of suppliers in the market are only middlemen traders. There is no need for kustal tech to pretend to be a manufacturer, because we do not pursue quantity, and our pos machine products are more provided to old customers).

Yes, Although cash drawer is our main product from we start export, and we also trade POS hardware, customization of hardware products is always one of our most important businesses. As long as you tell us your requirements in detail, we can assist in the design and production of various metal structure products. Of course, if you are interested in specific product, you can also send us samples directly, and we can also provide copy, optimization, and mass production.  Below are some of our products:

Customized metal products or parts
metal works oem odm
Auto parts, electronic product accessories
GPS metal box, shelf tray and other products