China Cash Drawer Factory POS Cashier till Manufacturer

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Economical Cash Drawer

China Cash Drawer Factory POS Cashier till Manufacturer

China Cash Drawer

  • 16.1(W) x 16.5(D) x 3.9(H) inch
  • 5Bills 8 Coin
  • All-In-One Plastic Insert (Cash&Coin Insert)
  • Interface: RJ12/RJ11/USB/RS232
  • Solenoid unit with 12V.24
  • Net Weight: 6.0kg
  • 1pcs/carton as standard
  • Gross Weight: 7.0kg

China Cash Drawer Factory POS Cashier till Manufacturer

This is a 410mm Economical Cash Drawer, Perfect for your pos system. It has all in one plastic insert (Include cash tray&coin case, no metal tray), made of high-quality HIPS/ABS material, It is convenient for users to use if they have no demand to take the tray out when finish work. The Upper shell make of 0.8mm thick gauge cold rolled steel, So, it is all metal tructure cash drawer, however,  to make sure cash drawer  stronger and sturdy, We also make it installed with ribs. The cash drawer bottom is with  SGCC or SECC, It is very Popular.  At the same time, high-quality surface treatment, various colors and textures are available, All details are of high quality. This cconomical cash drawer is one of our best seller.

This product is a roller cash drawer as you could see, Popular model in pos market,  So,it is wih heavy-duty ball bearing rollers. Based on it, the cash drawer can be easily, pulled out or pushed forward.  And the internal actuator (locking mechanism) adopts the most reasonable design, which is very smooth and has high stability. This is also one of the most advanced designs in China, We have got the patents.

Regarding Paint Process:

This cash drawer is textured hybrid powder coat. The standard color is Matte Black. We can also use other baking process and colors according to the needs. For example, bright black, Beige, bright white or other colors.

Regarding Packing:

Our Carton box is make of 5 layor hardboard(corrugated paper) And PE inner bag keep away from moisture and dust. Super thick EPE, full of elasticity, reduce and avoid bumps during logistics and express delivery (we avoid to use EPS,Whi is non-degradable, In fact, it has great environmental problems)

Other imformation:

Cash Drawer Made In China,we accept custom made requirement, such as logo, voltage, interface etc.

Some advantages:

The economical type does not mean that the cash drawer price is low or quality low, but that the structure is simpler. On the contrary, it means that the function is more stable, and our requirements for quality have always been high. Installed reinforced ribs, its ultra-sturdy structure has greater load-bearing capacity than the similar cash drawer from other suppliers. In addition, although it simple structure cash drawer, We still do best to make sure high quality, so, there are stop add-ons inside the cash drawer, which greatly improves the safety of transportation.One important advantage, this cash drawer front panel is metal, good quality!

OEM: Different Voltage, Different Interface, Logo, Cargo design, Bill/Coin Layout. Just feel free to let us know your requirement.


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Cash Drawer are an important pos peripheral for restaurant, hospitality, medical, or the service industries point of sale systems.

Users can touch the portion of the screen instead of clicking, saving time and minimizing clutter around the POS station.


Cash drawer with currency notes and coins 

     The POS (Point of Sales) cash drawer is a separate compartment found underneath a cash register for the purpose of keeping the cash payments received from buyers. The cash drawers invariably have a detachable till with several convenient compartments for placing each denomination of the currency notes as well as coins.
     This is specially designed in this manner to help easier handling of cash. The removable till also allows for the safe relocation of cash for checking and counting before creating bank deposits.
Needless to say, the cash drawer is where you put all your sales money. The cash drawer is lockable and slides in and out and is fastened by a spring-loaded catch. Once a cash transaction is completed, the register will automatically send an electrical impulse to a solenoid (a loop of wire, wrapped around a metallic core) in order to release the latch to facilitate opening of the drawer.
Some cash drawer models have a manual release catch to enable opening the drawer in case of a power failure during a cash transaction.

Present MODEL CASH DRAWERS Made in China:

The Present model cash drawers, however, come with a cylinder lock that opens manually with the help of a key – thus eliminating the need for a manual release. This cylinder type lock has three positions – locked position, unlocked position and release.
 The release is an intermittent position and has a spring to push the cylinder back to the unlocked position. Interestingly, in the locked position, the cash drawer will stay latched even when an electrical sign is sent to the solenoid.
Most of the superior quality cash drawers are built from steel or other metallic alloys. When buying a POS cash drawer, please check whether it has adequate bill and coin slots and trays with easy access. There are 5 adjustable slots for notes and 9 adjustable slots for coins and another separate slot for inserting the POS receipts or inserting the cheques.

What is a good CASH DRAWER:

A cash drawer must be durable enough to withstand innumerable open/close cycles.
In fact, the life of the cash drawer is measured in the number of cycles of opening and closing. Make sure to check the cash drawer for lock mechanism, ball bearing, springs etc.
Depending on your needs, you may opt for a heavy duty cash drawer that will provide greater security and will also be more long-lasting.
Generally you would be able to remove the key from the cash drawer and keep it in safe custody as the drawer can be opened through docket printer and there is also software that provides you the information as to how many times cash drawer was opened.
Of course, there are cash drawers that function independent of computer or docket printer and can be opened with a push button. Every time you push the button manually, either with your hand or foot, the cash drawer is opened. If you want the cash drawer to be concealed, you can fix under mounting brackets.
In short, the ideal cash drawer must possess consistent and acceptable operating speed, sturdily built to withstand frequent operations, easy accessibility for the user, competitive price and most importantly prompt after-sales service by the vendor.


We offer 7days 16hours working time, all your question could

be reply within one day.

3C, FCC, CE, ROHS, and a variety of certificates make products popular in EU, USA, Australia, North and south America, all around the world.

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Trigger Voltage

DC 12V


RJ12 Connected from Bottom

Micro Sensor


Net Weight



1pcs/carton as standard
(Ps: Banding film is available
Pallets is optional)


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